Find It With Favicons

There’s been a lot of buzz this week regarding last weekend’s posting on TechCrunch about Gmail messages with favicons. Some follow-up postings have uncovered more about the approach, which was commented on by Google in a July post on their support site. Comments on the various posts vary from “good idea – this will make things easier to find” to “I hope this doesn’t give spammers a new way to trick us” to “What criteria is Google using to decide which messages get favicons?” We applaud Google for moving in this direction – it’s something we’ve been promoting for awhile. [...]

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Sneak Peek Update

This week, through an article in DMNews titled “Inside the inbox: What are your customers really seeing?,” we revealed some preliminary results from a study we’re conducting with thousands of email users. One of the areas we covered was the use of preview panes, which has always been a blind spot for email marketers. Yet it’s important to understand since it dramatically impacts the user’s email experience (do they see the message in a full window or just a snippet along the top or side?). There are two ways to quantify use of preview panes – by % of users that [...]

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It’s Baaack… Or Maybe It Never Left

Earlier this year there were stories based on IBM’s midyear X-Force Threat Report with headlines such as “Phishing Drops,” “Is Phishing Finally on the Decline?,” and “Phishing Dries Up as Users Get Smarter.” The sound bites left the impression that the problem was all but solved and that scammers had moved on to other methods. But this clearly isn’t the case, as noted by the Anti-Phishing Working Group’s Phishing Threat Trends Report for the first half of 2009. They found that the number of consumer-reported phishing attacks in May (37,165) was 7% higher than last year’s peak, and that the [...]

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