Black Friday – Too Good To Be True?

  Black Friday has arrived and the special offers are overflowing in my inbox.  Many look too good to be true.   Here are some offers in my inbox: Is there really a 50% off sale at eBay?  That has to be too good to be true.  Just like the 40% off at Rolex and 80% off at the WatchStore.   Now, let’s look at the same inbox with eMail ID activated:   The eBay sale is real!  I know this because the email is marked as real by eMail ID.  Without eMail ID I would not have opened that email -- [...]

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Help – I Want To Find My Specials

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, our thoughts turn to family, friends and holiday shopping. I don’t know about you, but for me, shopping is both online and old-fashioned brick & mortar.  No matter the shopping venue – virtual or actual – one thing is common for both:  I want a good deal! Yes, I am on the mailing lists of many retailers driven by a single common purpose – good deals.  While my lust to save money is not as strong as that of Erin Libranda, who was recently profiled in the Wall Street Journal, I do want my specials.  I [...]

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Iconix Streamlines Icons

Iconix, Inc., the industry leader in visual email solutions, announced today that it is streamlining its icons.  The target release date is early December, 2010. Since December of 2005, Iconix has marked legitimate email from thousands of companies with this logo, which we call the Check-lockSM:   In the inbox the presentation looks like this:   Many of our users told us that when several Check-locks are present, the Check-locks are too dominant in the display.  We take user comments seriously and explored alternative marking schemes which could be more subtle yet still quickly convey integrity.  After testing several alternatives, [...]

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When Is Spam Not Spam?

Spam filters do a pretty good job.  But we all know that sometimes good stuff ends up in the spam/bulk folder.  It is a good idea to check the spam folder to find good stuff that is there by mistake.  But how do you actually do that?  You are confronted with a screen full of stuff that you really don’t want to see.  The easiest thing to do is just not look at it.  But, what are you missing?  eMail ID identifies stuff you want in the spam folder just like it identifies stuff in the inbox.  This is my [...]