Radware Discovers New Malware – Spread by email

Radware announced that its researchers have discovered new malware.  The malware is spread as a malicious email attachment.  When the email recipient opens the email attachment, a keylogger is installed that collects passwords, credit card data and other sensitive information. Showing the continuing cat and mouse game in which bad guys discover new forms of attack to evade security measures, The Admin.HLP Trojan is hidden within a standard windows help file named Amministrazione.hlp and it is attached to emails. This standard help file does not activate any installed anti-virus programs, and therefore it goes under the radar of standard anti-virus [...]

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US Airport Cyberattack — Spearphishing Plays Its Part

Trusteer discovered that the internal network of an unidentified US airport has been compromised. The airport uses a common remote access method -VPN - to allow remote access to its network.  In the current case, the attackers used screen capture software to steal user login in data.  Computerworld reported the details of how the login credentials were stolen: [T]he attack involved an innovative mixture of standard VPN login grabbing using the Citadel Trojan followed by screen scraping to discover the one-time password (OTP) presented by the gateway authentication system. The OTP presented was in the form of an on-screen CAPTCHA [...]

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Olympics – Scammers Exploit the Games

The official website of the  London Olympics includes a "Stay Safe Online" page.  The page contains a link to a list of  hundreds of scams that use the Olympic Games as bait to trap the unwary.  The most common scams are fraudulent emails scams where emails are sent falsely claiming to be from London 2012, or other organisations involved in the Games, but that are actually the first step in a fraud scam. They typically encourage the recipient to reveal information such as bank details or to part with money as an up-front payment in order to release a prize. [...]

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Syria – The Cyberwar

One front in the civil war in Syria has gone unreported in the press -- the cyber front. Strategy Page is reporting that cyberspace has become part of the battlefield in Syria.  Strategy Page reports: [I]t was recently discovered that someone was targeting pro-rebel websites and individuals outside of Syria. The attack came in the form of phony email addressed to a specific individual and made to appear it was from another rebel sympathizer or activist that the recipient knew. There was a file attached which, when opened, secretly installed monitoring software. Thus the infected computer could be secretly monitored [...]

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