Infosecurity Magazine Social Engineering Webinar

We have posted a webinar by infosecurity magazine on our Film Festival page.  Look near the bottom of the page. The security experts discuss how easy it is to deceive people.  They make the point that given a choice between infiltration by technical means  and attacking people, attacking people with social engineering is the attack of choice because it is fast, easy and has a high probability of success. The attackers are targeting users to infiltrate systems. Users need tools that assist them in identifying cleverly constructed spearphishing emails. That is the function of SP Guard.

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State Department Compromised

It is being widely reported in the press that the US State Department has been compromised in a cyberattack.   US State Department USA Today  reports that although no classified information was  compromised, the attack has forced the State Department to take down its unclassified email system. USA Today reports: To learn that additional government agencies beyond the White House were attacked, "is not at all surprising," said Rick Holland, a principal analyst and cybersecurity expert at Forrester Research. "What is surprising is that we are two weeks into it and it's just now coming out. Likely, the attacker is [...]

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Google Discovers — People

Google, in association with the University of California, San Diego, has released research which analyses spearphishing attacks against gmail accounts from 2011-2014. The researchers found that the success of a spearphishing attacks ranged from a low of 3% to a high of 45%.  The researchers determined that the greater the effort put into the targeting of the message, the higher the probability of a successful attack. The researchers made this observation regarding financial scam attacks: Thus, despite the appearance of simplicity, in reality, the scam emails are well-formed and thought-out in a way to maximize efficiency by preying on known human physiological [...]