Jimmy Kimmel Demonstrates Social Engineering

The keys to your cyber kingdom are your passwords.  All your money, your contacts, your calendar and the photos you won't show your mom are protected by the power of your password.  You know that.  Bad guys know that.  That is why bad guys want passwords.  They use social engineering techniques to steal passwords. What is social engineering?  How hard is it to manipulate people into divulging this crucial cyber security information?  Jimmy Kimmel shows us:  

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Sony Hack – North Korea’s Secret

How was North Korea able to pull off a successful cyberattack against Sony?  What was the secret exploited by the North Koreans? Well, the New York Times is reporting that it was no secret at all. It was good old fashioned spearphishing which deceived a Sony employee. That deception compromised system admin credentials. With the system admin credentials in hand, the North Koreans: spent more than two months, from mid-September to mid-November, mapping Sony’s computer systems, identifying critical files and planning how to destroy computers and servers. There are two secrets. The first secret is that the US Government was [...]

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Microsoft VLSC Phishing Attack

SpiceWorks is reporting a phishing attack targeting Microsoft customers.  In this attack, the bad guy is sending an email that appears to be a routine license renewal notice.  But this is anything but routine.   The links are designed to steal your log-in credentials for your Microsoft account. To make the scam less obvious, some of the links go to real FAQs.

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