Over 10 Million Consumers Compromised

Interpark, the popular South Korean ecommerce site, has been compromised. According to Korea Herald, the bad guys stole over 26.6 pieces of personal information about more than 10 million Interpark registered users. The Korea Herald reports that according to the ICT Ministry and the Korea Communications Commission the bad guys used a spearphishing attack which targeted one employee. Using the access created by the initial spearphishing attack, the bad guys were able to spread malware throughout Interpark's network and steal the users' personal information.

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Chinese(?) Cyberattack on Philippines

This innocuous looking email: isn't innocuous at all. Researchers at F-Secure have linked this email to a coordinated cyberattack against the Department of Justice of the Philippines, the organizers of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit and a major international law firm. The attack methodology is the tried and true spearphishing attack. In this attack, the targeted person is tricked into installing Remote Access Trojan (RAT) that enables the attacker's remote command and control server. In this attack (like all spearphishing attacks), the victim was the agent of the attacker.  The attacker needed the victim to do three things for the attacker to evade [...]

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