At ICONIX, Inc., our goal is to restore trust in email communications.

Email communications are undermined by unscrupulous senders who seek to deceive recipients. One of these unscrupulous practices is unknown senders pretending to be a trusted sender. Malicious senders are able to pretend to be trusted senders because it is hard for recipients to tell if email is from the purported sender. This is the problem that we address at Iconix.

SP Guard – For Enterprises. Enterprises are under cyber attack. Hardly a day goes by without a report of an enterprise being attacked in an Advanced Persistent Threat (“APT”). The most common means of entry used in APT is a highly targeted socially engineered email. The attacker pretends to be a trusted sender. SP Guard helps recipients quickly and easily tell trusted senders at a glance.

Truemark®– For Consumers. Your customers already trust your brands – that is why they do business with you and opted-in to your email list. You can now extend that trust into email using the Iconix® solution. Your customers can quickly identify and trust your messages when they see your brand through all the clutter and noise in the inbox. No longer do your customers have to wonder what’s real and what’s not. Start sending Trusted, Branded Email today!