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Film Festival

Former FBI Agent Eric Fiterman shows how to create a spearphishing attack.

Research scientists demonstrate the power of selective attention. Selective attention is a key tool used by APT attackers to divert victims away from clues that might cause victims to resist taking the spearphishing bait.

FBI Director Comey discusses cybersecurity and the indictments of Chinese spearphishers.

“SP Guard Demo” shows how SP Guard lets IT communicate trustworthiness to users.

“APT – How To Turn Response Into Prevention” explores using SP Guard to turn users into human sensors who report APT attacks rather than compromising their systems.

“APT – the 1% Problem” highlights that APT attackers are able to defeat email defenses to deceive users into compromising their systems.

Hackers abuse credentials to take control of the Civil Defense warning system and issue warnings about zombie attacks.

“On Guard!” discusses the role of users as cyber sentries and how SP Guard is a tool to assist users in telling good guys from bad guys.

“Fighting Phishing” discusses how you can take the email interface back from attackers.

“The Inbox That Works” demonstrates the Truemark service for consumers.

“Deception” demonstrates how APT attackers trick users into taking compromising actions.

“Mitigating the Social Engineering Threat” A panel of experts discuss social engineering in this infosecurity webinar. You will need a BrightTalk account.