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Toxic Trickle

This is the kill chain of an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attack.

KillChain-final-r1 561-310

Email filters fight this progression by trying to stop the delivery of spearphishing emails.  The most persistent and technically able APT attackers use their expertise to overcome the filters.  As filters become more and more effective, the amount of unwanted email that is delivered to users is reduced. Instead of a torrent of unwanted emails, what is left for the users to fend off  is a concentrated brew of the most devious, the  most technically advanced, the most toxic emails —  the Toxic Trickle.

What can be done to help users avoid being deceived by the Toxic Trickle?  SP Guard lets IT signal users which emails are trustworthy.



Using SP Guard, IT can determine a list of trusted senders and provide this information to users in a simple and highly effective manner.